Entries top 2000 for 2nd stage of 2021 Indoor Archery World Series

26 November 2020
Lausanne, Switzerland
Friday has been added as an official competition day for the second remote event.

Less than a week after stage one of the 2021 Indoor Archery World Series, entries for the season’s second remote tournament have passed the 2000 mark.

The next online event is scheduled to take place on 18-20 December 2020. The competition has been extended to include Friday due to the popularity of the opening competition and to allow people who can only access facilities on weekdays to participate.

Registration is free and open through OpenWAREOS until midnight CET on 13 December 2020.

Participants must select a time zone in which to compete – Americas (UTC-5), Europe and Africa (UTC+1) or Asia and Oceania (UTC+8) – and must submit their score between 08h00 on Friday 18 December and 20h00 on Sunday 20 December in that time zone. 

Archers competing at a registered tournament should identify that event during the registration process. This removes the requirement to submit photos of the official scoresheet and target faces – and makes the result eligible for the team ranking.

Registration for the third remote stage will open as soon as the second has closed.

Calendar – online stages

  • Stage 1: 21-22 November 2020 (Results)
  • Stage 2: 18-20 December 2020
  • Stage 3: 15-17 January 2021
  • Stage 4: 12-14 February 2021
  • Finals (teams only): 27-28 February 2021

Target faces

Many archers who received rejections for scores submitted to the November stage used unofficial target faces – or did not use a clean target face when scoring their round.

While we are trusting participants to use an 18-metre range and follow World Archery rules for their equipment, we are also checking every electronic score submitted against the required photographs of the paper scoresheet and target faces.

It is mandatory to use official World Archery licensed target faces. A list of current providers is available on the website.

This license certifies that the target face is compliant with the rules, including the maximum tolerances for the size of the rings, lines – and that the correct colours have been used in its printing. It makes sure, even if archers are competing while spread across the globe, that we’re shooting at the same type of target face.

Ensure you have a fresh target to start your scoring round. (Any practice should be done on an alternative target.) And that the picture you submit clearly shows the arrow impacts, manufacturer logo and license of the target.

Team event

Entries for the Indoor Archery World Series team competition are being accepted until midnight CET on 31 December 2020.

Registration costs 60 CHF per team and is available through the online shop. World Archery is guaranteeing a minimum prize fund of 10,000 CHF for the Indoor Archery World Series Finals, which will be team-only and held remotely this year.

The top four teams across the series will qualify for the Finals.

Teams are being ranked on their best single-team score (the combination of the three athletes’ scores) over the course of the circuit. Athletes must shoot their scores at an event registered in the World Archery calendar for the result to be counted.

Live event

World Archery is expecting to host another invitational tournament in Switzerland, this time at the World Archery Excellence Centre in Lausanne, to coincide with the second online stage of the Indoor Archery World Series.

Athletes who participate in the live event will have their scores automatically counted toward the series rankings.

This year’s international indoor circuit is combining smaller live events with remote competitions. Anyone around the world can compete by shooting a 60-arrow, 18-metre round to World Archery rules – indoors or outdoors – at a local event, club or shop (or even at home, provided it’s safe to do so).

Archers must enter in advance and submit their scores through the Ianseo Scorekeeper application (available for Android and iOS).

The series has six competition categories: recurve men, recurve women, compound men, compound women, barebow men and barebow women.

Archers will be ranked on their best three scores over the season. Everyone who is ranked will receive a certificate with their final position at the end of the circuit.

Learn more about the rules and calendar of the 2021 Indoor Archery World Series, hosting an event as a club or range, and entering a team.

The 2021 Indoor Archery World Series is a mass-participation circuit of live and online archery tournaments.

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