Schloesser beats Buden in tiebreak to secure Lockdown Knockout semifinal berth

10 May 2020
Lausanne, Switzerland
Matches are being streamed live across World Archery’s digital platforms.

World number two Mike Schloesser defeated Domagoj Buden​ in a closest-to-the-middle shoot-off to secure his place in the Lockdown Knockout semifinals, alongside top qualifier Anders Faugstad.

“It feels pretty good. Before I started shooting, I thought this was a fun shoot, kinda, but when I stepped on the line I felt nervous,” said Mike.

“It really got to me a little bit. I think that’s why my first arrows weren’t as good as they could have been. I’m happy with how I shot and I’m looking forward to the next final.”

Mike and Dom’s match was exceptionally close.

The unique rule for this first remote international sees compound archers forced to use thin, outdoor arrows over 18 metres. While an early one- or two-point advantage might be enough to win a normal match, thin shafts have made lead changes much more volatile.

At the end of 15 arrows, nothing was separating the pair at 146 points apiece. It forced the first Lockdown Knockout shoot-off.

Mike went first and put in a slightly low, slightly right 10. Dom’s shot landed more right and perhaps a millimetre wider.

At the target, with archers calling their own scores in the event, Dom conceded: “Yeah, I think Mike’s is better.”

It was a noble admission. And encouraging, given that this unusual event – which sees two athletes in entirely different locations compete against one another through video – relies on the archers’ honesty at the target.

“Mike’s arrow was obviously closer. His was inside out and mine just touched so there’s no discussion about that,” said Dom. “A few shots I just got stuck because I’m not in good shape. In the end, it was an absolutely awesome and thrilling match to shoot.”

Schloesser will face Faugstad in the men’s semifinal on Thursday 14 May. Meanwhile, competition moves to the women’s portion of the bracket.

Paige Pearce faces Linda Ochoa-Anderson in the first women’s quarterfinal on Monday 11 May, followed by Sara Lopez and Toja Ellison in the second on Tuesday 12 May. 

The Lockdown Knockout is the first remote international event being streamed live across World Archery’s digital platforms.