USA compound women catch break on path to final against Chinese Taipei

13 June 2019
’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
The USA previously won the compound women’s team world title in 1995, 2003 and 2011.

The USA’s compound women’s team will face Chinese Taipei in the final of the 2019 Hyundai World Archery Championships. It’s a chance to win a title the US has not held since 2011.

“After how we performed in Turkey [at the World Cup stage], I was expecting this,” said Paige Pearce. “We had a really strong team. Obviously with the windy conditions today, we knew anything could happen, so I’m really glad that it went in our favour.”

Pearce and her teammates caught a lucky break on the way.

The USA was losing to Korea in the quarterfinals. So Chaewon made a rare mistake, holding too long in high wins and, with the clock running down, letting go a complete miss.
It handed the match to the USA, 225-218.

“Personally I really like the wind. I don’t like the days where it’s just a little breezy and everyone shoots the same high scores as normal,” said Pearce. 

“I would actually prefer these conditions where you have to fight and work for every arrow, because it keeps it interesting, and that’s something you don’t get in the sport very often.”

“But it’s different when you’re on a clock in the team rounds, it makes it a little more challenging.”

On a day when the wind caused archers issues across the field, the Chinese Taipei team were three points behind Turkey after a ragged second end in their semifinal. Turkey started to falter as the match closed – and Taipei found another gear, winning 225-222. 

“What makes us different? We are all self-disciplined. Also, we all think that we are the best. And we think our teammates are the best. That’s what makes us different,” said Huang I-Jou, laughing.

“If we all think we are the best, then we will be.”

Chinese Taipei has never won a world title in the 50-year history of these championships.

Looking forward to Saturday’s gold medal match, recent head-to-head record favours the USA. On the Hyundai Archery World Cup circuit, the USA has faced Taipei three times and won three times, most recently in the semifinals in Shanghai this year.

“Taipei are good competitors. It’s going to be a really tight match. We’re going to have to work for it if we want to earn it.” said Pearce.

“I see us working well together and making strong shots. I know that we can do our part and I just hope that it’s enough.”

Collectively, the Asian team will be underdogs. Individually, the results have been more mixed. “We’ve won against them and lost against them. We’ve had both experiences,” said Huang. 

When pressed for an answer as to what the outcome would be in the final, Hang I-Jou leaned forward and said, in no uncertain terms, “win again”.

India will meet Turkey in the compound men’s bronze medal match.

In the compound men’s team final, third-seed Turkey will face top-ranked Korea in the gold medal match; Colombia and Netherlands will shoot against each other for bronze.

The 2019 Hyundai World Archery Championships take place on 10-16 June in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.