Dutch-based Lowlands Shootout circuit expands with 1st event in Belgium

31 July 2018
Herentals (BEL)
The circuit is organised by the Dutch archery federation.

The Dutch national archery federation has expanded its national circuit internationally, holding the fifth stage of the Lowlands Shootout in 2018 just across the Belgian border in Herentals.

It’s the first time a leg has been held outside of the Netherlands.

Sjef van den Berg, Esther Deden, Peter Elzinga and Evelien Groeneveld – all current or recent members of the Dutch national team – won the tournament.

“A national circuit is important to me, but also to other archers because it gives something to work towards and a place to compare yourself to peers,” said Sjef.

“I hope that this Lowlands stage in Belgium is the first logical step to expanding and strengthening the circuit.” 

After all five stages, the compound men’s ranking list is led by two Belgian archers; Reginald Kools and Brend Frederickx have each competed at four stages and accrued more ranking points than top Dutch man Elzinga.

Canadian Olympian Crispin Duenas and German compound archer Janine Meissner are among other international archers who competed on the circuit in 2018.

The Lowlands Shootout is a series of tournaments at which archers collect points towards qualification for a final, in the mould of the Hyundai Archery World Cup.

It has been organised by the Dutch archery federation since 2014.

Foreign archers are permitted to compete and while it’s not mandatory, many Dutch national team members attend, too – making it one of the most competitive national circuits around.

Images via Tim Buitenhuis/Pridex Media. Handboogsport Nederland is the national archery federation in the Netherlands.

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