Experts predict: Mexico City 2017 World Archery Champions

16 October 2017
Mexico City (MEX)
Our archery pundits picked these archers to take gold medals and world titles in Mexico.

There are nearly 400 archers from over 60 countries competing at these worlds in Mexico City. Picking four winners from such an expansive field is difficult – but, we hope, not impossible.

Here’s who our round table of archery journalists think will claim crowns at the 2017 Hyundai World Archery Championships in Mexico City.

John Stanley
Journalist and blogger

Winners: Kim Woojin, Kang Chae Young, Tanja Jensen and Steve Anderson

It’s time. Here comes The Destroyer. 

After a slowish start to the outdoor season, Kang Chae Young finished it a champion with two big wins back-to-back – gold in Berlin on the Hyundai Archery World Cup tour and the Universiade title, beating Tan Ya-Ting on home turf.

With Ki Bo Bae on the bench, not in Mexico, and Choi Misun’s matchplay ability seemingly deserting her this year, this is Kang’s best chance to shine.

World number one Kim Woojin was so relaxed during the World Cup Final in Rome he looked like he was practising. Tanja Jensen is psychologically strong – and there are only a very small handful of women who can challenge Lopez at the top.

Steve “Big Cat” Anderson looked very strong and was perhaps a little unlucky in Rome this year, edged out by Braden Gellenthien in a high-quality semifinal – but fought back well to take bronze. He’s got his head screwed on and looks like he wants things to happen.

Maybe Mexico City could be his biggest moment of all?

– John

Ludivine Maitre Wicki

Winners: Kim Woojin, Alejandra Valencia, Sara Lopez and Demir Elmaagacli

Why not Alejandra Valencia on home soil, if she can build on August’s Berlin Hyundai Archery World Cup stage (second) and September’s Final in Rome (fifth)? 

Elmaagacli has already won in the Zocalo – the Archery World Cup Final in 2015 - where the finals of these championships will be held.

World Cup Final and World Champion Kim Woojin against Rio 2016 Olympic Games runner-up Jean-Charles Valladont would make a great final – so let's hope they are not in the same part of the brackets after qualification.

The pick would be hard between the two; Woojin has season's match stats in his favour, but JC beat the top Korean at the Archery World Cup Final in Mexico City two years ago.

– Ludi

Vanessa Lee
Archer and reporter

Winners: Sjef van den Berg, Chang Hye Jin, Sara Lopez and Steve Anderson

I had no hesitation to name Chang Hye Jin. Following stellar individual performances throughout the season, it’s obvious Chang is still on fire. She promised me back in 2008 she’d win the Olympics, which she did in 2016, but it’s apparent she has no intention of stopping there.

It’s not often the Korean recurve team takes notice of foreign archers – but, apparently, Sjef’s considered one to keep an eye on. They say good things come to those who wait, but I disagree.

Good things come to those that work hard and, for Sjef, good things are coming soon.

It’s easy to forget Lopez made her international debut only four years ago, she’s so good, while Anderson – I think – will be the one to break the run of juniors winning the compound men’s world title.

– Vanessa

Dean Alberga

Winners: Kim Woojin, Alejandra Valencia, Song Yun Soo and Kris Schaff

I was watching Song on the practice field in Mexico City and it was incredible. If the weather and her nerves hold, she’ll shoot something beautiful for her qualification round.

Schaff, not so experienced in World Archery competition, has statistics up there with the format’s best. Alejandra has emerged the most consistent Mexican archer and, well, Kim Woojin…

…is Kim Woojin.

– Dean

Andrea Vasquez

Winners: Kim Woojin, Chang Hye Jin, Sara Lopez and Steve Anderson

Kim and Chang are the cream of the Korean crop and both have demonstrated the ability to perform in both qualification and arena venues this season. 

Lopez is beatable – but not without a spoonful of luck – and Anderson’s results all point to his star being on the rise.

– Andrea

Chris Wells

Winners: Kim Woojin, Deepika Kumari, Linda Ochoa-Anderson and Viktor Orosz

I’m not betting against my guy, Woojin.

He’s been better than anyone else on the circuit this season. Im Dong Hyun has a higher per arrow average in matchplay but, since I think they’ll meet in a final the younger of the pair has dominated, Kim will pull down his third world title without issue.

All the numbers point to Kumari being a podium finisher in Mexico.

Linda Ochoa-Anderson is performing at arguably the highest level she ever has in her long international career.

I think Mexico, dressed in the skull logo of this memorable championships, takes three total gold medals on home soil – one individual, one team and one mixed team.

Viktor Orosz is going to make it a fourth consecutive World Archery Championships with a junior taking the compound men’s crown – at 19 years of age.

– Chris

The 2017 Hyundai World Archery Championships run 15-22 October in Mexico City, Mexico.