States men win second stage in a row

18 June 2016
Antalya (TUR)
The USA compound men’s team followed up gold in Medellin with gold on the beach in Antalya.

Reo Wilde, Braden Gellenthien and Bridger Deaton dropped just seven points in 24 arrows to beat Italy to compound men’s team gold, 233 points to 227, in Antalya, Turkey for the second stage in a row on the Hyundai Archery World Cup circuit.

“We have a great team, I wasn't on the team in Colombia but we’ve got a lot of good shooters in the US, we can replace anybody with anybody and still do well,” said Reo.

The USA also beat Italy in the gold medal match at stage two in Medellin, Colombia. The States line-up there was Gellenthien, Steve Anderson and Alex Wifler. Italy’s was the same.

On Konyaalti beach in the Turkish resort city of Antalya, the USA men averaged over 58 points an end.

They opened with a 59, earning just a point advantage, then opened things up over the next 12 arrows. Leading by eight with an end left to shoot, 176-168, Reo, Braden and Bridger posted their lowest series of the contest at 57 – and handed their Italian opponents two points back.

But it was nowhere near enough, and the USA took a second consecutive Hyundai Archery World Cup stage gold with a second consecutive gold medal match win over Italy.

“We stayed hydrated, we made sure to keep our sugar levels up, we went to get some ice-creams before the match just to try to cool our bodies down,” said Braden. Thermometers hit nearly 40 degrees Centigrade on site.

“We did really well today and despite the really tough conditions we persevered. I’m very proud of these guys.”

Antalya was the first event of the year for 2014 Hyundai Archery World Cup Champion, Bridger Deaton.

“It's good to be able to step out on the line with this guys, being able to make a medal match and being able to perform on stage again. I think for me it’s the third year I've been out on this stage for a gold medal match in the team event here in Antalya, so it's fun to come back and do it again,” he said.

Denmark’s Martin Damsbo, Stephan Hansen and Andreas Darum beat France with an arrow to spare in the bronze final.

Five points up heading into the last end, the Danes finished with a perfect end of 60 points, while the French trio posted 54. The final score was 232-221.