Colombian women take Medellin gold in World Cup farewell

14 May 2016
Medellin (COL)
In the last of four years as hosts of a stage of the Hyundai Archery World Cup, Colombia’s compound women took gold.

The Colombian city of Medellin has hosted a stage of the Hyundai Archery World Cup since 2013. This season’s event is its last, before the Americas stop on the international archery tour moves north, to Salt Lake City, USA.

Colombia’s compound women, whose rise to relevance began when the event first opened in the country, have risen to the top of the archery game. Led by world number one Sara Lopez, they’ve had maintained success at international events over the last four years – and orchestrated a fitting farewell to their stage of the world circuit in Medellin in 2016.

Lopez, Alejandra Usquiano and Aura Maria Bravo beat the USA to compound women’s team gold by seven points.

Despite numerous yellow cards thrown by the official for illegal exchanges between archers on and off the shooting line – athletes alternate in team events and must cross a one-metre line behind the shooting spot before the next archer can step up – the Colombian team built a two-point lead in two ends.

The match opened up, though, when Lopez, Usquiano and Bravo posted a perfect 60 in the third.

It extended the hosts’ lead to seven, which they held through the last six-arrow series, to take gold and retain a Hyundai Archery World Cup stage title they won in 2015, after losing twice to the States in ’13 and ’14.

“I was a bit nervous but also the judge was anticipating things. When I went in, it was the right time on the clock, but we got confused,” said Alejandra. “We handled it in the end and it didn’t affect my shooting.” 

“This was the first time I was shooting in this position, so I will work more on it and will get used to it, as we proved it also works for us as a team.”

In previous events, the Colombian team shooting order has been Sara, followed by Aura, with Alejandra closing. The trio changed things for this event, swapping the opener and anchor – and having Alejandra step up first and Sara Lopez shoot last in each three-arrow series.

It worked.

“We’re happy with the results,” added Aura. “We had a few problems but we managed them perfectly. It was a good match, USA shot great and we are happy to close this stage at home with gold.”

Italy, who lost the final to Colombia in ’15, took bronze over India.