Medellin 2015: 10 athletes to watch

8 September 2015
Medellin (COL)
The last leg of the 2015 Archery World Cup tour, in Medellin, is critical in the race for invitations to the season finale.

The top seven ranked athletes in each of the four Archery World Cup divisions receive invitations to shoot at the World Cup Final each year. There, they are joined by an athlete representing the host nation; Mexico in 2015.

With the last stop on the season’s circuit about to begin in Colombia, we have picked out 10 archers that need big results, medal finishes or a little bit of help – but that just might have a chance to qualify for the Mexico City 2015 Archery World Cup Final.

1. Aida Roman 

Shooting in an Archery World Cup Final on home soil is big opportunity for all the Mexican archers. With the names representing the host country still not yet known, none want to leave their own participation to chance…

…certainly not the Lausanne 2014 World Cup Final Champion, anyway. Aida Roman has no desire to leave her title defence to destiny: “I came here to fight hard and get the most possible points that I can, that might help me to qualify in the top seven.”

2. Toja Cerne 

All but three compound women’s athletes ranked in the top 13 compete in Medellin – so it’ll be a hard battle, for those on the bubble, to make the top seven.

Slovenia’s Toja Cerne, ranked number 13 with 15 points, shares her pre-stage four position with three other athletes. If Toja wants to make it to her second World Cup Final in a row she only has one option: Finish with either gold, silver or bronze in Medellin and hope the rest of the chips fall her way.

3. Karina Winter 

Karina Winter won the German women’s only quota place to Rio 2016 during the world championships in Copenhagen. Two weeks later, in Poland, things didn’t go so well. She felt stuck…

“In Poland I felt that my body wasn’t following my thoughts, I felt tired. After it was finished, I did some changes and worked on my training with our psychologist.”

“Here in Medellin, I want to enjoy my shooting, be more relaxed than focused. By the end of the week I just want to say: That was a good competition, I really enjoyed it.”

4. Mauro Nespoli 

London 2012 team gold medallist Mauro Nespoli has the chance to qualify for his second Archery World Cup Final – if he manages to finish on top five in Medellin. “Nesp” might also depend on the results of some other top recurve athletes…

5. Bridger Deaton 

Reigning Archery World Cup Final Champion Bridger Deaton is not certain to defend his compound men’s crown in Mexico. To make it possible, Bridger needs to take over teammate Steve Anderson, who’s 17 points ahead. Reo Wilde is the top-ranked States man in the division, and he’s all but out of reach. (Teams can only send a maximum of two athletes per category.)

“With the point difference between us a lot of it depends on how good or poorly he shoots, but I also need to shoot well on top of him. I’ve trained a lot harder and before coming here I changed a couple of things that are now working better.”

“I really want to make it back for a second year, but I haven’t shot anywhere close to my potential this year. If I make it great, but if I don’t, I hope I can perform well in this tournament."

6. Ana Maria Rendon 

Ana Maria has been one of the most consistent recurve women in the Colombian team in recent years. With her sights set on the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, for which the Colombian women won a team quota place, Ana is on the cusp of making her first ever World Cup Final. Currently ranked number four with 28 points, the numbers are on her side – and she’s got the home soil advantage for the last leg.

7. Miguel Alvarino Garcia 

Earlier this year Miguel Alvarino said that 2015 was finally the year in which Spain’s hard work paid-off. He finished in top 10 in both individual and team competitions at events through the Archery World Cup circuit, was part of the squad that won a team quota spot for Spain at Rio 2016 – and won the first European Games in Baku.

8. Zach Garrett 

The newest member of the 2015 USA recurve men’s team Zach Garrett, got his first shot at a stage of the Archery World Cup in Poland against JC Valladont – a match that the Frenchman won in a one-arrow shoot-off, leaving Zach with a silver.

Teammates Brady Ellison and Collin Klimitchek are currently making the top seven for the Finals in Mexico with 31 and 24 points, respectively. If Zach wants to qualify, he might need to take over Collin – ranked number 6… Who will make it?

9. Marcelo Roriz Jr 

Currently ranked number 14 Marcelo Roriz is, by far, Brazil’s best chance to have an athlete at the finals in Mexico, in what would be a first appearance. Completely aware of his chances but playing it cool, compounder Marcelo just wants to enjoy his time in Medellin.

“It’s the first time I have the chance to qualify for the World Cup Final. I hope things can go on my way and that by the end of the week, I can be able to say: 'See you in Mexico in two months!'”

10. Laura Longo 

Laura Longo has made the Archery World Cup Final twice, and has finished fifth… twice. It might just be time for that third attempt. Before arriving in Medellin, Laura made some changes: “I have worked hard on my technique. I want to make it better and I hope it can work here in Medellin.”