Fivics launches archery centre in Korea

20 April 2015
Suwon (KOR)
Korean manufacturer Fivics opens first open archery centre in Korea – with facilities for recreational and casual archers, and an archery cafe.

The opening ceremony of this innovative archery centre was held on 11 April. Attendees included members of the National Assembly Lee Chan Yeol, Jung Mi Kyung and Kim Sang Min and other VIPs such as Vice President of Singapore Archery Association Simon Wee.

Besides hosting the company’s new offices and a conference room, the brand-new Fivics building also includes an equipment showroom and an Archery Cafe.

President of Fivics Baek Jong Dae said: “Korean archery is number one in the world, but there is little  opportunity for the general public to enjoy the sport in this country. From now on, with our new facility, we will try our best to offer greater availability of archery to all.”

Fivics is a development fund partner of World Archery.