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Youth archer DEATON wins World Cup title in first international season

6 September 2014
Lausanne (SUI)
USA rookie World Cup Finalist Bridger DEATON upset world number one PJ DELOCHE to win Lausanne 2014 gold

“It was a blast. I really enjoyed it. Not only to be able to go around the World Cup this year, but just to come to Lausanne and have good results is really overwhelming,” the 20-year-old American said.

For his first match, Bridger DEATON beat reigning Indoor Archery World Cup title holder Sebastien PEINEAU (FRA) by just one point – to set-up a semifinal clash against a more experienced States teammate.

Head-to-head with Reo WILDE – and after winning the mixed team gold medal with Erika JONES – Bridger was nothing short of on point.

He dropped three points in 15 arrows to the Honey Badger’s four, securing a spot in the gold medal match, 147-146.

WILDE was looking stronger until the final end, but his first two arrows of that three-shot set scored nine. He struggled to explain why.

“It was tough. The first of them broke good, it went a little high and it surprised me. The second broke a little high, and landed a little higher than the first,” said a disappointed Reo. “They felt good…”

Still, he was glad an American won the gold.

DELOCHE made Tokyo 2012 and Paris 2013 finals, but he finished sixth at both. With family and friends on the stands, the Frenchman had the most audible support, felt comfortable and confident of winning gold.

PJ beat Peter ELZINGA (NED) in a semifinal shoot-off.

“It was tense. We had to hold our nerves and the shoot-off… I mean we both shot a 9,” DELOCHE let out a short, unrepeatable word when he shot. “It was good,” good enough to put him into the final.

This year, Peter had his best ever World Cup season, but it wasn’t enough: he landed in fourth, losing the bronze medal to Reo.

PJ DELOCHE couldn’t keep up with DEATON in the gold medal match.

Bridger didn’t miss the 10 until his twelfth arrow, and by that time the world number one was trailing by four points and his body sagged. With an end to shoot, PJ knew he wouldn’t recover.

This was DEATON’s first season on the World Cup circuit. He’s actually still a junior, at 20 years of age, and he’s beaten the best in the world to archery’s biggest yearly title: Archery World Cup Champion.

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