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One Colombian after another: LOPEZ inherits World Cup title from USQUIANO

6 September 2014
Lausanne (SUI)
For the second year in a row, Erika JONES lost the World Cup Final gold medal match to an archer from Colombia

JONES won Istanbul in 2011, but for the last two years she’s been denied the World Cup crown – thanks to Colombia’s emergence on the compound women’s circuit.

Erika – who is still only 25 but has been in the national senior team since 2002 – was world number one since July last year, until Sara LOPEZ ascended into pole position just a few weeks ago. Sara won her second stage silver of the season at Wroclaw.

World record holder for the 50 metre 15-arrow match, LOPEZ hadn’t shot to her levels in a medal match so far this season. She had equipment difficulties in Shanghai and lost the Wroclaw gold in a shoot-off.

She found her game at the right time: in time for the gold medal match at Lausanne 2014.

In the semifinals, Sara beat Natalia AVDEEVA. The Russian collected bronze by beating Croatia’s Toja CERNE.

“It's my birthday so this is what I wanted as a present,” AVDEEVA let slip. “It’s a wonderful place and people. I can’t quite explain how I am feeling at this moment.”

After winning her bronze, the Russian rightly predicted Sara LOPEZ would win the next match and World Cup crown this year. “Maybe next year I can come over for the gold medal myself,” she added laughing.

But LOPEZ had to dig deep to overcome the final hurdle: JONES. The match was fierce. Drawn after the first end, a one-point advantage in Sara’s favour after six arrows then level again after nine, LOPEZ cleaned the back six shots.

Five 29s – one nine an end – wouldn’t cut it.

One year after losing World Cup Final gold to Colombia’s Alejandra USQUIANO, Erika JONES found herself on the losing end of a final against Colombia’s Sara LOPEZ.

“Wow,” Sara exploded! “This is something I’ve been looking forward to for so long. It was the last dream on my list: be the best in the world, have world records, be in the finals and win it!”

LOPEZ will need to start writing a new list.