Unruh’s 641 enough to win windy Salt Lake qualifying

19 juin 2018
Salt Lake City (USA)
The Olympic silver medallist took the lead in the last end.

Germany’s Lisa Unruh scored 641 out of a possible 720 points on the 72-arrow 70-metre ranking round to top recurve women’s qualification at the third stage of the 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup, jumping into pole over the last six arrows.

Tan Ya-Ting and Maja Jager finished second and third, both with 637 points.

“I’m a bit surprised, I thought that the Asian archers would do better – but they also have bad conditions. So I’m proud of today,” said Unruh.

“My start was bad but after that I got my feeling back and I was fighting against the wind.”

The scores were around 40 points down on those normally seen on the international circuit.

Indian archer Deepika Kumari, who ranked fourth with 629 tied with the USA’s Mackenzie Brown, led at the halfway point. Maja Jager then took over – and paced the women until the closing arrows, when Lisa jumped ahead.

“I had some mistakes and it’s difficult to always aim in the right place and with the wind pushing your body it’s difficult to make good shots,” said 2013 World Archery Champion Jager.

“Before every arrow, you’re like is the wind the same or has it changed – and aiming accordingly.”

“It was kinda crazy, just aiming off, seven or six all day. It’s quite satisfying, aiming six and hitting 10, but it didn’t always work like that. It is, of course, frustrating when you hit way out.”

Chinese Taipei’s Lei Chien-Ying and Peng Chia-Mao ranked sixth and seventh. Gabriela Bayardo, making her debut for the Netherlands, was the last woman to receive a top-eight bye into the third round with 623 points.

“I was nervous in the beginning because it’s a responsibility [to shoot for a country]. But I know that I have support from them and if the result was good or bad it was just going to be the first competition,” said Bayardo.

Chinese Taipei, Germany and Mexico took the top three recurve women’s team seeds at a stage of the Hyundai Archery World Cup with world number one Korea absent.

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Tan Ya-Ting, who’s known for shooting fast, said having a speedy draw routine was an advantage: “The most important thing is to pick the right time to shoot the arrow. If you have a long aiming time in the wind it’s tough.”

Deepika Kumari didn’t enjoy shooting in the conditions: “To be honest, I felt like I just wanted it to finish as soon as possible. It was too windy and I never shoot in that kind of wind condition. That was tricky.”

The third stage of the Hyundai Archery World Cup takes place in Salt Lake City, USA on 18-24 June.